License Plate Retractor
No tickets No bumper holes Easy install

License Plate Retractor
No tickets No bumper holes Easy install

No tickets - No bumper holes - Easy install.

Fits most makes and models with adaptable bracket system

What is TĒGO LPR?

TĒGO app-enabled License Plate Retractor is the first and only Patented, highly researched, developed and tested front license plate retracting system which easily connects to any mobile device.

Finally you can show off the original, beautiful front end design of your car without the bulky dealer plate bracket, damaging bumper holes, or that awkward tow hook bracket look. With our easy to use app, you decide the look of your car or truck with a simple touch of a button. Whether at car meets,  when posting pictures on social media or simply when you’re just admiring your baby while it’s parked in the garage, TĒGO LPR system has you covered.

What is in the box


No more Holes / Damaged Bumpers

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

No more Front License Tickets

1 Year Warranty with Tech Support

iPhone and Android app Compatibility

Available for All Major Vehicles

Avoids damage caused by curbs
and steep driveways

iPhone and Android
App Compatibility

5 Years development
and testing

5,000+ Open/Close
Vibration Testing

Download TĒGO Automotive App for Free control over the license plate from your smart phone

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