License Plate Retractor
No tickets • No bumper holes • Easy install

License Plate Retractor
No tickets • No bumper holes • Easy install

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No tickets - No bumper holes - Easy install.

Fits most makes and models with adaptable bracket system

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As Seen On Motor Trend’s Two Guys Garage

License Plate Retractor
No tickets • No bumper holes • Easy install

Patented Impact Resistant Design

What is TĒGO LPR?

TĒGO app-enabled License Plate Retractor is the first and only Patented, highly researched, developed and tested front license plate retracting system which easily connects to any mobile device.

What is in the box

Installation Made easy

No more Holes / Damaged Bumpers

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

No more Front License Tickets

1 Year Warranty with Tech Support

iPhone and Android app Compatibility

Available for All Major Vehicles

Avoids damage caused by curbs
and steep driveways

iPhone and Android
App Compatibility

5 Years development
and testing

5,000+ Open/Close
Vibration Testing

What people say about us


The TEGO Automotive License Plate Retractor is such a well made product. Sturdy, low-profile, and packed with extra features, the LPR is also a great value when compared to similar products. It was shipped quickly, and it came with everything you need for a surprisingly quick installation. Within thirty minutes of unboxing, it was installed and ready for use. A press of the included key-fob buttons to either show or hide your front license plate is all it takes.

Additional features, such as a built in safety sensor and easy-removal clips, only help to bolster the fact that this is the best option on the market. Further, the Bluetooth app is very useful and more than just a replacement for the key fob. In addition to extending and retracting your license plate, or several LPRs installed on different cars, the app shows the current position status and potential device errors. This is a very useful modification, especially for Car Heads in states where front plates are the law. And running it year round (in hot or cold weather, or in salty or muddy conditions) is something that was considered during the design and manufacturing process. This thing is solid!

For as practical a device the TEGO Automotive LPR is, perhaps the best reason to get it is the fun factor. Rolling up to a car show, retracting your front plate like 007, and showing your car’s front end without the eyesore of state-issued tags is reason enough for me to need this upgrade.   “The name is ‘Automotive’... ‘TEGO Automotive.’”



Great product! I was a bit skeptical cause of a unit I had bought from Show-n-Go years ago which essentially disintegrated within a few months. This is in a different league. Very sturdy and durable so far. I like the single button open and close feature that lets me know when it’s open or closed without having to hold down the button. Love the app feature, very easy to use. Installation was straightforward and easy. I purchased a second unit for my wife’s car as well.​

Mike H.

Chicago, IL

Awesome! Feel like James Bond. Very sleek and easy to use. I never put on front plates on my cars but after getting pulled over three times for no front plates I had had enough. I was reluctantly looking for a tow hook bracket for my GTI and came across this Tego plate retractor instead so I decided to give it a shot. Very happy so far. ​

Siroosh K.

Vancouver, B.C.

Very happy. Great customer service. Very professional and helpful. Made from quality material and sealed up pretty well. Really like the mobile app use. Big hit at car meets too.

Luis C.

Rosamond, CA

Love it! Just got out of a ticket a few days ago. I forgot to pop out my plate when I parked on the street to go pick up some food inside a restaurant. I saw a meter maid pull up and start giving out no front plate tickets. Pulled out my phone, hit open on the app and bam ticket averted. 👍

Rich W.

Santa Monica, CA

Great little mod. Hate having front plates but not into the tow hook look. Saw this at a car meet and decided to give it a try. So far so good. Works great. My car is pretty slammed so it does scrape going in and out of driveways which marks up the license plate. Wish they offered some sort of plastic cover for the plate itself but other than that, very happy.

Shawn T.

Bronx, NY

I recently purchased a Tego and so far it’s amazing. I wanted to give it a few weeks before I write anything about it. The product itself is very sturdy, and so far it’s held perfectly underneath my car. I have it on my Mercedes C43 and it looks so seamless.
I love using the app, but while I’m in my car I’ve ended up using the fab out of convenience. I honestly recommend this for anyone who wants to avoid drilling wholes in their bumper, or simply for the cool factor.

Tim J.

Richmond, VA

Wow! What a great invitation.
I’m a bit surprised how well and durable this is made. I actually ran over something or it was just the road (not sure) and it just scratched my plate, but thankfully nothing happened to the retractor itself. So far , I’m impressed and beyond happy with my purchase.

Eduardo S.

Boulder, CO

I bought mine a few months ago and just purchased another for my other car.
When I first got it, I was a kid in a candy store and just opened and closed it all the time. After a few weeks, when playtime was over lol, it became part of the car.
I consider this product essential for anyone who loves and respects their car. 🏎 🏁 👍

Jon L.

Hoboken, NJ

I give it a 4 star out of 5. Mainly because the first unit I received  wasn’t properly connecting to the app. But to their credit, they were right on it and expressed shipped me another one so great customer service. Had a bit of a hard time installing it myself but honestly I’m not really mechanically inclined. I took it to a local audio/alarm shop and they banged it out in less than 30 minutes. So far I really like it. The app makes it very convenient and doesn’t screw up the look of my R8. Wish Audi would have thought of it. It would be even cooler coming out of the grill rather than under the car. But overall I give it a thumbs up. 

Ali V.

Toronto, Canada

Seriously this is the dopest gadget ever! So happy with it. I use to rock a tow hook bracket but it was a pain in the a$$ having to undo it every time I wanted to take a picture or go to a car meet. Now I just roll in all legal, pull out my phone hit a button and just tuck the plate under the car. Then when the meet is over and I’m ready to roll out I just open it back up.  Love the app too. Wish they made one for the rear too.  Bond, James Bond! 😂😂😂

Jesse M.

Anaheim, CA

Pretty cool. Well made.

Josh R.

Beaverton, OR

A little too bulky so harder to install. But overall it’s well made and sturdy. I like the app feature.

Marcus W.

Laguna Niguel, CA

I was really hesitant to buy this because of all the bad stories I had read about other cheaper ones you can find on eBay and Amazon. No complaints going with this one. Very solid and well made. Have banged it a few times and it’s taken the hits pretty good. Install was straightforward and easy. Really like having both the keyfob and phone app options.

Mike S.

Trenton, NJ

Super Happy. Have it on my 2018 Mustang GT. Forgot to put it up 😉 when I got pulled over in the canyon by CHP. Showed it to the cop and apologized for forgetting to put it up 🤓.  He was super cool and said he thought it was the coolest thing he’d ever seen and just gave me a warning to leave it up. The cop liked it so much he asked me where he can get one for his own car 😂

Leo P.

Woodland Hills, CA

Took a long time to get 👎🏽 Was told it was cuz of coronavirus 🤷🏽‍♂️. Customer service was good though 👍🏽. They didn’t charge me until my order was shipped. The unit itself is a little bigger than I thought it would be but I guess it needs to be to take the wear and tear under the car. It’s sealed up really well and made out of sturdy material so hoping it will last. The install was easy and they provided spacers to accommodate slight slope under my 2017 Audi R8 V10+. App is pretty cool and easy to use. Fob is a little plain and plasticy looking. Overall pretty satisfied. 4.5 stars. 

Greg K.

Bend, OR

Thumbs up 👍🏻

Shane G.

Syracuse, NY

Had to return mine. My Civic Type R on coilovers is too low 😞

Sergio L.

Essex, MD

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