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How hard is the installation? Can I do it myself?

Yes, The “TEGO” License Plate Retractor system can be installed by anyone with reasonable mechanical skills and simple hand tools. The LPR Unit easily connects directly to the battery or any 12volt power source. If using a car jack or race ramps please make sure to follow all safety instructions carefully.  You can also use the professional services of any mechanic shop, Audio and Alarm company, or possibly a paint protection shop. Depending on skill Installation should take no more than 45 minutes.

Will it fit on my car?

The TĒGO LPR fits on over 90% of vehicles. With our Proprietary installation kit which is included and contains several brackets and spacers, the LPR can fit on any car with enough plastic underbody (Splashguard) space for the LPR to bolt right on to.

Will the unit have to be removed for service?

No. Once the unit is mounted onto the splash guard, It can easily be removed with it stuck onto the splash guard by simply unscrewing the power plug from the LPR.

Low cars. Ground clearance?

The LPR will fit on most low riding cars. But just as in any aftermarket accessory, it does require more caution when maneuvering over speed bumps, steep driveways, or parking blocks. Please make sure to review all our Terms and Conditions as we will not be responsible for refunds or exchanges due to damage to the unit itself or any personal property as a result of negligence, or improper installation.

Conform with front license plate laws?

The LPR conforms to all front License Plate statutes when fully deployed with the license plate displayed. Please be advised that if you live in a mandatory front plate state, you MUST display your front license plate on all public roads and parking structures.

Do you sell to Dealerships and aftermarket shops?

Yes. Please register at our “For Dealers” page in order to receive bulk wholesale pricing and information.


Each LPR comes with 12 months manufacturer’s warranty. Please read all warranty terms and conditions on our website.

Does the app have iPhone and android compatibility?

Yes. You can download the app under Tego LPR at Itunes or Google App Store. 

Does the app state whether unit is currently open or closed?


Distance Range that the fob and Bluetooth will work?


What if my Battery is in the trunk or under the rear seats?

We Recommend purchasing the optional 16ft wire on our products page to pull power from a rear mounted battery.