Effective January 1st, 2019, the new AB 516 law states that Temporary Tags are meant to be displayed on the vehicles where license plates are currently placed. The Temp Tags must be securely fastened, upright, clearly visible and legible. The front plate shall be mounted no more than 60 inches from the ground. The rear plate is to be mounted not less than 12 inches and no more than 60 inches from the ground.

Prior to AB 516 Law, Dealerships in Southern California reported, on average between 20 to 40 percent of their new and pre-owned customers requested and signed acknowledgement waivers to not have their factory supplied, front plate brackets mounted on their vehicles at the time of purchase.

Many of today’s manufacturers’ intricate bumper and grill designs either do not provide adequate space for mounting license plate brackets or require that the brackets be drilled into the expensive bumpers thereby aggravating many customers.

Many dealers are currently facing the dilemma of following the mandatory new AB 516 Law while also keeping their customers happy. Consequently, they have been considering alternatives, many of which, like the tow hook bracket, are ill fitting, unsightly, and costly to the dealerships. Use of Velcro is not allowable by DOT as it is not considered securely fastened by DMV or California CHP requirements. Our patented design installs securely to the bottom of the vehicle’s splash guard and thereby satisfying AB 516’s securely fastened requirements.

With TEGO’s License Plate Retractor, your valued customers now have a pleasing option to keep the original design of their cars as they ultimately desire while still abiding by the new AB 516 law. It also allows dealerships a great opportunity to turn a potential costly and aggravating burden into a financial windfall.