Customer Consent

Products Acknowledgment

Customer/Purchaser acknowledges and accepts all risks of damage to their vehicle and/or their TĒGO License Plate Retractor as a result of lower ground clearance caused by their vehicles’ limited and/or lowered ride height design. Furthermore Customer/Purchaser does not hold TĒGO Automotive Products Inc responsible for any damages to their own vehicle, their TĒGO License Plate Retractor, or any third party property damage resulting from deliberate or accidental collisions while driving. This also includes but is not limited to, concrete parking blocks, curbs, driveways, speed bumps, and/or any other animate or inanimate objects. TĒGO Automotive Products Inc. is not responsible and will not be held liable for any modifications done to vehicles, through the use or misuse of its product, even if the modifications include but are not limited to, bypassing or eliminating vehicle safety features, installing parts that go against the vehicle manufacturer safety regulation and standards, and/or improper installation and adjustment of TĒGO Automotive Products Inc. products.