License Plate Retractor - Low Profile (US Version)

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Introducing our New, Patented TĒGO License Plate Retractor with the smartphone application. The TĒGO LPR finally allows you to enjoy your car and avoid “no front plate” tickets when on public roads while simultaneously allowing you to enjoy your car’s beautiful original esthetic design as it was drawn up at the factory. Simply use your smartphone app or fob to display your plate when on public roads and retract it when taking pictures for social media, going to your favorite car meets, or parked at home in your garage. No more damaging bumper holes and no more tickets! So don’t get another ticket get yourself a TĒGO LPR today

  •  Works with a fob or a mobile app for iPhone and Android
  •  Made of lightweight, impact-resistant, and durable aircraft composite technology material.
  •  Recessed Design Feature - When in a closed position, the unit sits 3.5 inches behind the bottom edge of the front bumper. * Avoids damage caused by hitting concrete parking blocks, curbs, steep driveway entries * Better overall esthetics * Attaches directly to the vehicle’s splash guard. Avoids holes to the vehicle’s bumper or grille.
  •  Installs on most makes and models with our adaptable bracket design and proprietary, easy to use, installation system.
  •  5 years in development and testing. * Reliability Testing Approved – Over 5000 consecutive Open/Close Functions * Vibration Testing approved – 1.5M vibrational movements in every direction * High Impact Gravel and road grime Testing approved * Wind-tunnel Testing approved * High-Pressure Salt Water Testing approved * Rapid extreme Temperature change Testing  approved (+150 degrees heat testing and -40 degrees cold testing) * FCC and Bluetooth approved electronic certification.
  •  Microsensors for obstruction avoidance.
  •  Built in Voltage Regulator. 
  •  Less than 30 to 45 minutes to install.
  •  12 months manufacturer’s warranty.

What is TĒGO LPR?

TĒGO app-enabled License Plate Retractor is the first and only Patented, highly researched, developed and tested front license plate retracting system which easily connects to any mobile device.

Finally you can show off the original, beautiful front end design of your car without the bulky dealer plate bracket, damaging bumper holes, or that awkward tow hook bracket look. With our easy to use app, you decide the look of your car or truck with a simple touch of a button. Whether at car meets, when posting pictures on social media or simply when you’re just admiring your baby while it’s parked in the garage, TĒGO LPR system has you covered.